COMPOSTER from recycled plastic - 400 l

COMPOSTER from recycled plastic - 400 l

Composter from recycled plastic K 390

Volume: 400 l

The Composter is made from recycled plastic, the vessel of the composter has no bottom (to enable free contact with the soil and micro-organisms, worms and earthworms).

It is provided with a lid with rotating valve for air acces regulation, side doors for removing compost and with holes for aeration.


Height: 110 cm

Base: 66 x 66 cm

Weight: 13 kg

Packing: carton

Color versions: green, black



Composting in a composter provides the following benefits:


 - acceleration of the composting process by up to half of the time required by a compost pile

 - temperature, humidity, light and air access regulation

 - saving space in the garden (composter replaces an unsightly pile)

 - removal of unpleasant odor that attracts insects and small animals

 - composting can process up to 30% of kitchen waste

 - obtaining the compost - excellent source of nutrients and organic compounds

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Fotogalerie - COMPOSTER from recycled plastic - 400 l

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