VARES Transport fork TRB 500V


VARES Transport fork is a great tool for simple movement of pallets and other loads up to 500 kg. The VARES fork is adjustable for transporting loads on pallets (pallets may be transported lengthwise or crosswise) but also separately placed loads such as hay bales, metal or wooden boxes for materials or tools. The fork length is 120 cm and may be easily adjusted and dropped into the working position. Your loads will always be where you need them in due time.



For tractors with a rear three-point linkage (category 1). Load capacity: 500 kg according to the possibilities and the size of the tractor. Adjustible width. Transporting pallets both in longitudinal and in width. High quality powder coating.


Type: Load capacity: Fork length: Adjustable fork width:  Dimensions:/Weight:
TRB 500V 500 kg 1200 mm 3 POSITIONS IN TOTAL FOR: 1300x1000x250 mm / 45 kg
      - EUR pallet  
      - EUR pallet crosswise  
      - large pallet (100 x 120 cm)